Officials from the Professional Association of Scale Car Auto Racing (PASCAR) announced today the 16 National Points events that will constitute the 2009 National Championship schematic for the Pro Challenge Series.  Four events in each of the four Pro Challenge regional series will lead up to one double-points event at the conclusion of the season.  The driver with the highest cumulative points in their four designated national events in their regions and the fifth double-points event will be declared the 2009 Pro Challenge National Champion.

“Our series has seen such growth over recent seasons that we’ve got more and more drivers wishing to compete for the National Championship,” said John Litzinger, President of PASCAR and Owner of Pro Challenge Race Cars, Inc.  “But, we realize that in the current state of our economy, having a full-touring schedule would put serious financial constraints on many of our teams.  Therefore, we have decided to put an emphasis on regional racing in 2009 and using four events in each region to make up the regular season national points.  Then, all the regional contenders will meet for a big double-points event that is sure to provide plenty of drama as we crown our new National Champion.”

The Pro Chalenge North Region, which is made up of drivers primarily hailing from North Carolina, South Carolina and points North and West, will see its four national point’s events at historic and competitive tracks in the Carolinas.  The first North National Points event will come at North Carolina’s Tri County Motor Speedway on April 10th.  Dillon Motor Speedway in South Carolina will host the second national event on May 30th, while North Carolina’s Hickory Motor Speedway (June 27th) and Orange County Speedway (August 8th) will round out the North National Points events.

Lanier National Speedway in Braselton, Georgia will be the home track for the Pro Challenge South Region in 2009.  The South Region will be made up of drivers primarily hailing from the state of Georgia.  The four South national events will all be held at Lanier on May 9th, June 20th, July 18th and August 15th.

Pro Challenge racers from the state of Florida make up the Sunshine Region, which will also hit some of the Sunshine State’s most prolific racing facilities in 2009.  Auburndale Speedway will kick off the Sunshine Region’s national events on March 21st.  Additional national races will follow at Citrus County Speedway on April 18th, Charlotte County Speedway on June 6th and Orlando SpeedWorld on October 2nd.

Last, but not least, the Pro Challenge Canada Region, based in Ontario, will see its first national event at Sunset Speedway on May 23rd.  The rest of the events in Canada will come on June 20th in the series’ first-ever visit to Varney Speedway, followed by a visit to Sauble Speedway on July 11th and an event at Flamboro Speedway on August 22nd.

The date and location of the final double-points event, which will determine the 2009 Pro Challenge National Champion, will be announced at a later date.

Pro Challenge regional champions will also be named for all four regions, with each region having full schedules, which include these four national events.  


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