Under the 2009 National Points schematic, drivers will be placed into regions based on their home addresses.  If you are unsure about what region that puts you in, please contact Pro Challenge headquarters at 1-866-323-4315.  

Only the points gained in the four (4) National Points events in your home region will count.  There will be no bonus points for traveling outside of your region for any regular-season event nor out-of-region National Points event.  If you would like to compete for National Points in a different region than the one you have been designated by hometown, written notification must be made to PASCAR in advance of the first National Points event in your desired region.  

For example, a North Region driver wishing to compete for National Points in the Sunshine Region must fax or email PASCAR and be approved before the March 21st Sunshine Region National Points opener.  Drivers will only be allowed to compete for National Points in one region.

To submit information to compet out of region, please click here to email PASCAR President John Litzinger or please fax your request to 1-423-323-2179
Info On Competing for National Points Outside of Designated Region
Proper Notification Necessary