Pro Challenge Race Cars, Inc. and the Professional Association of Scale Car Auto Racing (PASCAR) introduced today Tru Racing Wheels as an official wheel option for all Pro Challenge Series competitors.  The new Tru wheels are available through Pro Challenge Race Cars and join the Allied Wheels already in circulation within the series and still available through Pro Challenge as the only legal wheels allowed in any PASCAR-sanctioned Pro Challenge event effective immediately.

“The reason we are introducing the new Tru Racing Wheels is because our longtime wheel provider, Allied, has discontinued the street-shell wheel we have been using,” said John Litzinger, owner of Pro Challenge Race Cars and President of PASCAR.  “As a result of this, we are partnering with Tru Racing to offer a real race wheel with a tapered rim shell, which offers better strength and lighter weight. The new wheels will be offered in a painted silver, which gives the look of chrome, and Black, with the Pro Challenge Logo designating it as an official wheel.

“We are excited about the Tru Racing product and we feel that the competitors will be pleased with their performance.  The founders are old hands in the business getting back in the wheel business again, as they have been and still are making rim shells for several known wheel manufacturers.  South Region Director Johnny Hoek has been the point man on this, as these are guys he worked with back in the day when Johnny was involved in NASCAR supplying wheels through the Bart Company.”

The Tru Racing wheels will be around 4.5lbs. lighter than the Allied wheels, so Pro Challenge and PASCAR officials have altered Wheel and Tire rule number-five to state that the combined weight of each wheel and tire will now be a minimum of 25 pounds, effective Wednesday, July 22, 2009.  

Both the Tru Racing wheels and the remaining Allied wheels still in inventory are available by calling Pro Challenge Race Cars at (866) 323-4315.

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