Southern Pro Challenge PR

With the south region of the Pro Challenge Racing Series only 3 races old, young Kyle Benjamin of Liberty, South Carolina sets on top of the points standings and continues to show his ability to handle this type of race car with his second win of the season.

Starting second row inside in the heat race behind Brady Boswell with Jacob Wallace on the outside pole, the 3 of them put on quite a show for the fans running 3 wide through turns 3 and 4.  With Wallace on the outside he, too, showed his driving ability making it work coming off the corner.  This move put Benjamin in the lead with Boswell, Wallace, Plott, Kent and Cornelius, North Carolina’s Kyle Wilson running in a tight pack.  Caution free racing provided for a competitive event with the 4th, 5th and 6th positions constantly changing.  However, Wilson managed to maneuver his way into fourth with Kent and Plott running close behind.  Thus setting up the starting lineup for the feature with Benjamin on the pole and Boswell outside with Wallace and Wilson on the second row.  

The drop of the green saw the inside row move out front putting Benjamin in the lead with Wallace and Hunter Kent following closely behind.  Lap 3 had Kent making a move on Wallace to take over the second position and close in on Benjamin.  Then on lap 8 one small slip by Wallace allowed Boswell to make the pass putting him into 3rd.  Again with caution free racing the field ran single file with Benjamin going to victory lane and Kent coming in 2nd.  Once again, Anderson Bowen showed his determination after climbing the wall on the back straightaway coming off turn 2 and held on to finish 7th.  Battling a loose racecar all night, Kyle Plott managed to salvage a 6th place finish, but was a disappointment to him with his competitive ways of running of front.

One note of interest, track owner Donnie Clack was very impressed with the quickness of these cars.  As a token of fan appreciation, he had several people from the grandstands in a promotional car with him so they could get a feel of what it’s like to take the green flag. While following the Pro Challenge racers around on their parade lap he had to turn into the pit area immediately at the drop of the green as he had no idea that these racecars were so quick on the start.  Thus bringing much excitement to the lucky fans who got to experience this sensation and see just how fast these cars really are.  

** Scoring Update ** The event was the first South Region National Point event of the 2009 season.  Because both Kyle Benjamin and Kyle Wilson are entered as North Region competitors, they were scored for South Region points, but their results will not count for National Points.


Kyle Benjamin Wins Second Race of the Year at Lanier
Hunter Kent Scores Top National Point Finish
Kyle Benjamin has gotten used to the winning feeling at Lanier.