Southern Pro Challenge PR

For the 3rd time this season Kyle Benjamin claims victory at Lanier National Speedway.  After starting second row inside in the heat race, it only took him 3 laps to obtain the lead.  With Hunter Kent on the pole and the up and coming Anderson Bowen on the outside they tried to hold off the hard charging Benjamin.  But with Brady Boswell, Kyle Wilson and Kyle Plott coming fast behind the pack Benjamin made one hard move to the inside and took the lead.  Thus leaving it up to Kent, Boswell, Wilson and Plott to battle for the second position.  With Plott starting last in  the field it was obvious that he had determination and managed to finish in the 3rd spot behind Kent.  Thus setting up the starting order for the feature event.

The drop of the green flag had Benjamin on the pole with Hunter Kent outside.  Going into turn 3 Plott plugged the hole leaving Kent on the outside and took over the 2nd position leaving Kent in 3rd and Boswell running 4th.  By lap 4 a tire growth on Kent’s right rear moved him into the 5th position making an ill handling car for him throughout the 20 lap feature.  After talking to his dad, Bill Kent, the right rear had grown several inches thus making it hard for Hunter to handle going in the corners.  With Benjamin out front and Plott running a close 2nd, it left Boswell and Bowen to battle for 3rd.  Of which Boswell came out ahead.

The young and talented Benjamin said that he loves driving racecars and would like to give thanks to his granddad Roger, his dad Stephen and both of his crew members, Michael Masters and Toby Porter for the opportunity to be competitive.  The efforts they put into our racing program make it easy for me to run out front.  They’ve been supporting me since I was 5 years old starting with go-karts and then to the Bandolero series.  This only made my transition to Pro Challenge come easier and as I progress into other levels of racing it’ll have me better prepared.

Congratulations go out to the Benjamin’s, as well as all the other new teams that have joined the Pro Challenge series this year.  We’re starting to see newcomers in all regions that show their ability to be competitive in this and all other classes of racing. 

Special note:  This was a south region national points event. However, Benjamin and Wilson are signed up in the north region, therefore, no national points were awarded to them for this event.


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North Region regular Kyle Benjamin stole the show in Lanier's South Region National Points event on June 13th.