Southern Pro Challenge PR

Racing action at Lanier National Speedway was hot and heavy for the National Points Event Saturday night. Fans only got a preview during the heat race of what was to come in the 25 lap feature. With Plott starting on the pole in the heat and Hunter Kent on the outside, the 32 truck of Jacob Wallace, the 29 of Anderson Bowen, the 71 of Kyle Benjamin and the 1 car of Austin Raines never took pressure off any of the front runners.  The drop of the green had Wallace and Kent running side by side for the second position with Benjamin right on their tale.  Plott was able to hold a substantial lead with the hard racing going on behind him.  However, he was not getting away from the pack that was following.  The caution free event set up the starting order for the feature with Plott taking 1st, Wallace 2nd, Benjamin 3rd, Kent 4th, Bowen 5th and Raines 6th.

After loosing an engine in their car during practice, Brady Boswell's dad, Scott, went back to the shop and got their backup car and made it back to the racetrack to start last in the feature.  This made for a very tight 7 car field for the feature event.  With Plott on the pole and Wallace outside, the drop of the green had the whole field running in a tight pack.  Benjamin was able to hang close to Plott and take over the second spot  leaving Wallace to do battle with Kent, Bowen, Boswell and Raines.  While this pack was swapping for position on the track, the 4 of Plott and the 71 of Benjamin was doing the same for the lead.  With Benjamin passing Plott on lap 15 and somewhat stretching out his lead the caution came out on lap 21 for the spinning car of Austin Raines going into turn 3, thus creating a double file restart.  Again, when the green flag flew it was Benjamin on the pole with Plott outside and the rest of the field right on their rear bumpers making it a 4 lap shootout.  However this time the pack did not spread out.  It was side by side racing throughout the 7 car field and set up the photo finish with Plott taking Benjamin by a nose on the outside.  This brought the fans to their feet and gave them plenty of excitement.  Congratulations go out to all of these racers as they put on one whale of a show for the fans on such a beautiful night in Georgia.   


Plott Takes Photo Finish National Point Win at Lanier
Youngster Edges Kyle Benjamin for Victory
Kyle Plott took the National Point win on July 18th. (Southern Pro Challenge Photo)