Pro Challenge National Championship Race
Event Info, Schedules, Entry Form & More

OCTOBER 4th & 5th

Sunny South Raceway
Grand Bay, Alabama

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Sunny SouthTentative Schedule

Subject to change

Friday October 4, 2013

  Gates Open at        5:30 pm
  Tech Opens at       5:45 pm
  Practice starts at   6:00 pm
  Qualifying at           7:30 pm
  Features start at    9:00 pm

Saturday October 5, 2013

   Gates Open at        4:00 pm
   Tech Opens at       4:45pm
   Practice Starts at  4:30 pm
   Qualifying at           6:00 pm
   Feature starts at    7:30 pm


Note: The schedule is subject to change as the track and weather conditions dictate.  Also, the schedule is tight, so plan your day accordingly and don’t miss the Tech time or the Driver’s meeting.

Supplemental Rules for National Championship Race
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The following will be the points awarded for finishing positions:

1.  100 points      9.   55 points
2.   90 points     10.   50 points 
3.   85 points     11.   45 points
4.   80 points     12.   40 points
5.   75 points     13.   35 points
6.   70 points     14.   30 points
7.   65 points     15.   25 points
8.   60 points     16.   and below 20 points

Bonus Points
The following Bonus Points will be awarded for the following:

1st Qualifier:    10 points 
2nd Qualifier:     8 points
3rd Qualifier:      5 points

Leading a lap:    5 points
Most laps led:    5 points

Arrange with the Track Officials at Sunny South Raceway.

All cars must be through and passed PC Tech. before they will be allowed to qualify.

There will be two (2) laps of qualifying with the best lap being used for determining the starting position.

All cars will be impounded as they come off the track after qualifying. No adjustments will be allowed to the cars before the race other than removing tape or adjusting tire air pressures.

Any adjustments that must be made must be approved by PC Tech. Officials and will result in starting the race from the rear 1-lap down.

Feature Races
The Championship will consist of two races to be held on Friday October 4 and Saturday October 5th. Points will be awarded for both races.
The races are planned to be 40 laps or 45 minutes whichever comes first. This is subject to change as dictated by the conditions on race day at the track.

Restarts will be double file as per the Pro Challenge Procedure. If you have any questions, please clarify with the PC Officials. 

Post Race Tech. Inspection
The top five (5) cars must proceed to PC Tech. immediately after the race.

Only the Driver and two crew members (Clearly Identified) of the Top 5 cars will be allowed in the immediate Tech area. They should come prepared (with tools in hand) for major Tech inspection. 

There are no Tire impound requirements for the race this year, but as always, you must race on the tires you qualify on.  

Practice will be available on Race Days. Please check the lastest schedule to determine the practice times.

Entry Fees
The Entry Fee for this two race event will be $150. The entry fee and preregistration form must be paid and sent to Pro Challenge Race Cars by September 27th. We need to have 15 cars paid and registered in order to 
contest the races. In the event that the minimum entry level is not achieved
entry fees will be returned.

                               PreRegistration Forms Here

The supplemental rules are subject to change as we get closer to Race Day, so please continue to watch for further updates.