After a back and forth National Points battle all year, Tim Norris of the Canadian 
Region wins again the Pro Challenge National Championship. Tim a familiar name
in the National Points battle won nine races out of 12 in the Region to win the Regional Championship as well as the National Championship.

 Brad West from the Alabama Region, made it a tight race, but stumbled a bit in the final races to finish a close second behind Tim. Brads' effort, while falling a bit short in the National Race, was good enough to win the Alabama Regional Championship! 

Kyle Batty from the Canadian Region, rounded out the podium finishing third in
the National points race. Kyle who is used to battling Tim Norris in the Region was
one of two Drivers to beat Tim this year in the Region and he did it twice.

                      !!!          Congratulations To Tim, Brad and Kyle          !!!
2017 Pro Challenge National Awards

National Series Champion                  Tim Norris                    Canadian Region

National Series 2nd Place                   Brad West                    Alabama  Region

National Series 3rd Place                    Kyle Batty                    Canadian Region

National Rookie of The Year               Dylan Burchfield          Alabama Region

National Hard Charger Award            Mike Johnson               Canadian Region

National Most Improved Award          Greg Clinton                 Alabama Region

                           FOR THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS IN THE 2017 SEASON

         Please Note
         All Awards will be sent to the respective Regional Directors