Winning 18 0f 22 Feature Races, Tim Norris again, wins the Canadian Regional
Championship and three peats as the Pro Challenge National Champion. With the 
National Championship win, Tim becomes the only Driver to win 4 National Titles!
TIm now is the winningest Driver in Pro Challenge Series racing history!!
With his National Championship last year, Tim tied the record set by Terry Mathis
which was acheived a second time by Joe Pilato winning the 2014 Championship.
       Congratulations to Tim Norris on a truly record breaking season!!!

Brad West repeats as the Alabama Regional Champion and the 2018 Runner
up in the National Championship. Brad, steady all year, just could not find a way to beat Connor Okrzesik when he competed in the Series at the Sunny South Raceway.
As Brad is one to keep digging, I am sure he will find a way to keep Connor in his
rear view mirror next season. Nontheless, it was a tough battle, and a Fantastic Show. 
                    Congratulations to Brad West on another Great Season! 

While just running the Pro Challenge Series part time this year, Connor Okrzesik
still managed to finish 3rd in the National Series. Conner went undefeated this year
in the Alabama Region winning all 11 races he entered! His performance also allowed him to finish 3rd in the Alabama Regional Series. Congratulations to Connor
Okrzesik for an impressive show and a Super Season in the Pro Challenge Series!

                      !!!          Congratulations To Tim, Brad and Connor          !!!
2018 Pro Challenge National Awards

National Series Champion                  Tim Norris                    Canada Region

National Series 2nd Place                   Brad West                    Alabama  Region

National Series 3rd Place                    Connor Okrzesik         Alabama Region

National Rookie of The Year               Sean Warren                Canada Region

National Hard Charger Award            Richard Seal                 Alabama Region

National Most Improved Award          Brian Stevanus            Canada Region

                           FOR THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS IN THE 2017 SEASON

         Please Note
         All Awards will be sent to the respective Regional Directors