"The Pro Challenge Oval Racer is obviously as close to looking like a Nextel Cup car- better than late models. The car has tremendous throttle response, and makes it economical for any driver to get into racing."  – Ricky Barbour, 13-time Bandolero championship title holder

"This automotive creation simply runs away from its pursuers…We're not talking two or three car lengths but ten, fifteen, even twenty, and it catches cars the same way. Perhaps the most satisfying characteristic of the car is the way it negotiates turns… It makes you feel almost masterful, leaving the impression that only you and Michael Schumacher have truly conquered the art of car control. It is, in short, a hoot to drive!"  – John Berger Chief Instructor & CFO, NASA Northeast Chapter, Spring 2002 
"I drove Bandeleros for four years, Legends one year. Pro Challenge is a big step-up. It's fast. Controllable. I can do anything."  –Kyle Mitchell, Age 14

"I'm a set-up guy. When we drove Legends, I worked five nights a week; three nights a week on Bandeleros. Except for tires, we've spent less than $325 in 17 races with Pro Challenge. With all my free time, I've taken up golf." –'Boots' Mitchell, Kyle's Dad

"I enjoy winning. I ran Legends for five years. Pro Challenge is the most forgiving and best handling car I've driven. It's comfortable, safe and I don't have to change the set-up race to race. In fact, I haven't had it out of the trailer in two weeks." –Terry Mathis, #71, Mathis Racing, 2003 Pro Challenge National Champion
"Pro Challenge is a good learning curve going from karts to ASA."  –Ken Buttler, Jr., #99, Butt\ler Brothers Racing

"Pro Challenge is the best racing I've ever been in. I'm running a second off late models for half the cost."  –Rusty McLain, McLain Racing

"The [oval] car has been through five road course races in 2004 without a problem. It handles great and it's reliable. I'm a driver not a mechanic, but with Pro Challenge all you need is a basic set of tools." –Scott Dunlop

"I can't race every weekend. Pro Challenge fits my schedule. The car sets up fairly easily, and the tires and motor hold-up. They look like a late model racer, and they outrun ministock."  –Bobby Robillard, #3, Florida

Kyle Mitchell's #26 Pro Challenge car