Effective April 22, 2015

Amendment to PASCAR Rule for awarding National Points
  National Points will be awarded to all registered PASCAR members who start a race according to the 
  the following Scale:

                                        5 - 9 cars    60 points for a win
                                                           50 points for a second place
                                                           45 points for a third place
                                                           40 points for a fourth place
                                                           35 points for a fifth place
                                                           30 points for a sixth place
                                                           25 points for a seventh place
                                                           20 points for an eighth or ninth place 

For less than 5 cars, the number of points awarded will be by the following formula:

        Number of Cars Starting  x  Point awarded above by place.

        For example, four cars start the race, the winner would be awarded,( 4/5 x 60 ) - 48 points
                                            the second place finisher would be awarded, ( 4/5 x 50 ) - 40 points

                   This formula will carry on by finishing position until all the starters are awarded points.

 This rule change will be retroactive to all previously contested Regional races in the 2015 Season


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Effective:  March 1, 2015 the following rule changes will take affect.

​Rules Changes for 2015 - Read full 2015 rules here

1. ZZR12 Kawasaki engines will be allowed to run without
    restrictor plates.

2. A minimum of 5 paid up members must start a race for the 
    race to be awarded National Points.

3. For races that have only five (5-10) cars, the points scale will 
    start at 60 points for a win, 50 points for second place, 45 
    points for third place, and reduce by 5 points for each 
    decending finishing position.

4. The rule for a local protests will be as follows:

  A protest can be made by a competitive Driver by posting
  $200 in cash to the Head Official in Tech or at the track. 
  The protesting Driver and his Crew Chief may be present to 
  observe the tests performed in the Technical Area on the 
  car that is being protested. The local Tech Officials will
  make every reasonable effort to satisfy the protesting  
  Driver. If the Driver is not satisfied with the Technical
  Inspection, he can elect to move to the National Appeals
  Process described in the rule book.

  If during the Tech Inspection the Drivers’ protest is shown
  to be wrong, the Drivers’ cash posting will be forfeited to 
  the local track points money fund. If the Driver elects to go  
  through the National Appeals Process, his cash posting will 
  be held in by the Track until the protest is resolved at the  
  National level. If the Drivers’ protest is shown to be correct
  all cash postings will be returned to the protesting Driver 
  and appropriate action taken against the infracting car and

(The Pro Challenge Series and PASCAR reserve the right to add, delete, modify or update the rules at any time in the interest in providing parity for all competitors.  These changes may be made via an announcement at the track, notation on press releases or a technical bulletin on the website (prochallengeseries.com) and automatically amend all specifications herein.)